DIY Wall Art Roundup

DIY Wall Art Roundup | Rourke Vintage

I love DIYing wall art. It lets you get big impact on a small budget. I have a few pieces of 'traditional' art in my home, but most of it is of a more traditional vibe (that's what happens when you buy it all at antique malls & thrift stores). I want a few pieces that bring a youthful pow. So I'm going to DIY some stuff. And I wanted to roundup a few of my favorites that have a great mix of ease, impact, and inexpensive-ness. And while these definitely bring that 'youthful pow', they definitely don't exude a 'teenage bedroom' or 'DIY Dorm Decor' vibe - they would be quite at home at a grown-up home (though I'm sure they would work for those teens & college kids).

These projects fall into 3 main categories: art canvas, wood, and fiber art. You can also use materials like paper, faux-flowers, mirrors, fabric, and tons more. It's all up to your imagination. Hopefully these ideas will get your creative juices flowing and you'll have something on your bare walls by tonight.

Art Canvas

The Suite Life Designs | Painted Navy & Gold Canvas

I love the simplicity of this DIY. There are tons of DIYs of this very nature (look on Pinterest for 'DIY abstract art' and you'll see), and if you get a canvas on sale it will be pretty cheap. It's also a very easy way to make sure your art goes with your color scheme.

Lolly Jane | DIY Abstract Art with a Golden Touch

Another abstract art, this one using gold flakes. It has texture and sheen.

Tara Dennis | Hexagon Wall Art

This DIY uses paper and canvas - you could probably use plywood for a cheaper backing. 

Mr Kate | DIY Finger Painting Wall Art

I love how simple this is, but it totally looks professional. But it's finger painting. So it's fun.

A Beautiful Mess | Song Lyric Wall Art DIY Project

Perfect for those cheesy, mass produced 'art pieces' you'll find in thrift stores.

Oh Happy Day | Potato Print Artwork DIY

This DIY uses a potato as a stamp, yet turns out pretty dang professional.

Natalme | Cross Stitch Wall Art Tutorial

Love how big this one is.

The Turquoise Home | How to Frame a Canvas for Cheap

This goes along with those DIY on canvas tutorials - sometimes it's just not complete without a frame.



A Beautiful Mess | Oversized Frame for Engineer Prints

Engineer prints are a wonderful, cheap way to get large art. You'll find a link in the article on the subject. This shows how to make a frame for said large prints. You can also use this for framing posters or any other large, flat piece.

Vintage Revivals | Striped Ripple Wall Art

This uses plywood and paint and I love it. It would probably cost about $8-12 using leftover stain + paint.

Vintage Revivals | DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Treatment

This is less 'DIY Wall Art', but I wanted to include it. Definitely not for renters but it shows how simple materials can combine to make a huge impact.


Fiber Art

Shirley and Eadie | Crochet Wall Hanging

Almost Makes Perfect | DIY Gods Eyes

Throwback to childhood craft classes and summer camp - but in a grown-up way.

Oleander And Palm | Felt Holiday Banner

You could totally do this with any short word and it would look amazing. May I suggest any 'four-letter-word' for some particularly funny art.

Brittany Makes | DIY Modern Gold Wall Hanging with Tassels

Oh how I love this DIY. It's gorgeous without requiring crazy DIY skills, just some patience. It's definitely going on my DIY to do list. 

Homey Oh My | DIY Modern Yarn Hanging

Homey Oh My this DIY is fab (get it? ha.). Really simple but adds wonderful texture to a modern style. 

Brit + Co | Dip Dyed Wall Hangings

Texture AND color makes a big impact with this wall hanging.

Homey Oh My | DIY Modern Tassel Wall Hanging

Love the simplicity of this one. It would also look amazing rainbow.

Little Miss Momma | DIY Boho Yarn Wall Art

This one is super pretty and super simple.

Lauren Conrad | DIY Gold Ring Wall Hanging

Another pretty + simple DIY.

The Kitchy Kitchen | DIY Wall Hanging

Slightly different Ring + Yarn pattern.

The Good Times Homestore | Yarn Wall Hanging DIY

Simple but looks awesome and rustic.

Brit + Co | Macrame Wall Hanging

Basic macrame skills.

Honestly WTF | DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

I like that you can make this one HUGE without a huge budget, or even a big budget. 

Creative Bug | Yarn Banner DIY

So pretty and colorful!

Handmade Charlotte | DIY Threaded Heart Wall Art

If you'd like to make it more renter friendly you can do this on some wood & then hang that.

The Journey Junkie | How to Make a Dreamcatcher

Homesthetics | Dream Catcher Tutorial

Tons of Dreamcatcher inspiration and the history of dreamcatchers

Gathering Beauty | DIY Clipboard Loom Mini Weaving

Love the messy look of this one.

Fall for DIY | DIY Christmas Alternative Tassel Garland

Not just for Christmas!



A Beautiful Mess | Ombre Gallery Wall

This is a great way to make a custom look with a bunch of cheap frames. Creating a grid of color makes a big impact.

Pennies For a Fortune | DIY Mint and Silver Tassel Garland

Tissue paper tassels are just adorable - perfect for over the bed or your desk.

How About Orange - DIY Postcard Wall Art

I love using postcards for art. I have a bunch framed. I buy them at museums when I don't want to drop money on the exhibit book. I love this  

We Are Scout | Geometric Paper Patchwork

I like how this DIY can be huge. It uses foam-core board, but you could also use plywood + seal it for a cool headboard.

Vintage Revivals | DIY Light Up Sign Tutorial

Definitely a more complex DIY but it would be very cool.

Love Maegan | Feather Wall Art DIY

Homemade Juju hat - very unique and I'm sure much cheaper than buying one.

Pizzazzerie | DIY How to Make Your Own Tassel Garland

Add in some metallics for a fun touch.

What DIY art do you have on your walls? Or which one will you be making this weekend? Comment below!