My Capsule Wardrobe, Part 1: Inspiration

About 6 months ago I gave away 70% of my wardrobe. Most of it was because it didn't fit anymore, but also because it wasn't my style or didn't fit my lifestyle anymore - basically I got rid of the things I never wore but held onto 'just in case'. I always had such trouble getting rid of stuff, but this time it was so liberating - I easily got rid of these things because I finally realized I wouldn't be wearing it anyways, so what's the point of holding onto it?

I was inspired by the idea of the capsule wardrobe - your wardrobe consists of a small number of intentionally chosen clothing items that fit you, your style and your life. I read through all of un-fancy, start to finish. This whole thing was prompted when I pulled a tank top from my closet that I had bought about a year earlier and never wore - and would never wear because the side seams were so crooked. It felt just so wasteful - of resources, of labor, and of money. 

So I got real about what I wore and what I needed (and my size). After I listed out what I needed (like I NEED heavy winter boots, a winter jacket, sneakers, tank tops and shorts), I looked for inspiration. I knew I needed a certain number of tops for winter, but I didn't have a clear idea of what they should look like.

So today I'm posting some of the inspiration pics I used to help draft up my capsule wardrobe. I'm far from having my wardrobe complete, since I'm on a budget, but I know exactly what I want for 90% of it, so when I finally find that top or there's a sale I can jump on it. By having a clear goal and plan in place I can be a responsible consumer using fewer resources. It also makes my mornings a whole lot easier when all my clothes go together - win-win!

Via Vogue

Via Vogue

All my favorite style pics can be found on my Pinterest board. Wednesday I'm posting my steps for creating my all-year capsule wardrobe and where it's at now!